about us - pic of meHi guys, Michael here.

Firstly, thanks for stopping by and checking out my site, it means a lot.

I am the creator and owner of Health Increasing.

This blog is my outlet for my many different passions and interests.

It’s my way of passing on some of the knowledge and experience I have gained to others.

I believe to be truly healthy we need good health in all aspects of our life. I don’t believe it does us much good to be very fit and physically healthy if other parts of our life are filled with stress.

So, very briefly a little about me.

My profession is software development. I love it because it challenges me every day.

I previously served in the Irish Defence Forces for 6 years between 2001 – 2008.

Before that, I was a painter, tiler, and factory worker.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved being outdoors. I have been into fitness, training, competing, and outdoor activities since my teens.

Boxing got me started in serious fitness, training, and competition. It consumed about 5 years of my life.

This led me into running, which was a training requirement. I enjoyed running so much I also competed in running too.

In 2005 I watched the Tour de France for the first time. Wow, I was amazed at how exciting it looked. Me and my brother almost immediately bought road bikes and so began competitive cycling for me.

By now I was competing in cycling, running, and duathlon. In 2007 I taught myself to swim. At this point, I decided to retire from boxing altogether.

In 2008 I lazer focused my training and began competing seriously in triathlon. Since starting I have lost count of how many I have done. For 6 years straight I competed in Irelands National Series for age group athletes.

The culmination of all my years of hard training and competing was qualifying, and competing for Ireland at international level triathlon.

tri champs results


Since then training and competing have become less competitive for me, and more fitness maintenance and fun-based.

For the last few years, I have got into mountain biking, a little bit of everything cross country type. There’s something amazing about getting into remote areas on a bike that is hard to explain. I do compete in that too, just not quite so seriously.

The most recent activity I have taken up is kayaking fishing. I really enjoy getting out on the water for a long paddle, when I can.

Anyway, that’s a little about me in a nutshell, just to give a little background and credibility to some of the things I write about.

Thanks again for stopping by and have a great day!

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